Beachcomber Fiberglass Technology facilities

Industrial & Aerospace Fiberglass Applications



Beachcomber has worked with helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft in the manufacturing of lightweight fire retardant composite parts for the S-76 Corporate Helicopter.


Perry Technologies (an operating unit of Lockheed Martin Corporation), manufacturers vessels for civilian and defense work. Beachcomber was contracted to provide fiberglass tooling and components for Perry Technology in conjunction with the U.S. Navy.

Yacht Tower Control Box.

Includes access door opening 13" X 24", 32"W (outside) 14"H (outside) 16"TopD 26"BottomD.
Remote Mine Hunting System

Lockheed Martin

Custom insulated fish box with storage built for a 47 ft Cabo.
Navy Seal Wet Sub

Composite Rudders / Navy Seal Wet Sub

25 Abemarle (70K)

Composite Faring

Built for ATGI Stuart, FL Wind Test Tunnel University of Maryland

Our customer base includes the US Coast Guard, US Navy, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, as well as many of their subcontractors. We also offer custom fabrication and subcontract services (visit www.frptech.com)
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